St. Andrews Episcopal Church

Medellín completed a sculpture of Christ in 1954 to hang above the main altar in St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Grand Prairie. The artist suspended a lead sheet and slowly shaped the sculpture by hammering, using a plaster model as a guide. It was time-consuming work, requiring Medellín to maintain a clear image of the final composition in his mind.  The artist returned to St. Andrew’s in 1977 to create a new altar table, sometimes called the “Altar of Angels,” constructed of welded copper tubing coated in brass to give it a lustrous appearance. The decoration on the body of the table mimics angel wings. Medellín also produced a credence shelf—a small table used for celebrating the Eucharist—that sits to the right of the altar. In 1981 he created two candlesticks for the altar, mimicking its overall look and feel.