Moody Performance Hall

Medellín worked frequently with fused glass, a process in which small pieces of glass were placed on top of larger slabs that had been sprinkled with pigments and are then baked in a kiln. A degree of randomness exists in the process, as various factors can affect the surface colors and textures. Medellín was commissioned to create windows in 1960 for the Trinity Lutheran Church in Dallas. Originally installed along the church’s exterior, these three windows depict the Holy Trinity: God the Father is represented by a large hand posed in blessing, the Holy Spirit as a dove descending, and Jesus Christ by a crown of thorns wrapped around the center of the Cross. The church was demolished in 2013, but fortunately portions of Medellín’s three windows were salvaged and donated to Dallas’s Office of Cultural Affairs. Now at the Moody Performance Hall, they are illuminated via custom light boxes. See another set of works salvaged from Trinity Lutheran Church at Dallas Love Field.