Calvary Hill Cemetery

In 1962 Medellín created a series of mosaics, the "Garden of the Glorious Mysteries," at Calvary Hill Cemetery in Dallas. Designed as the center decoration of a reflecting pool, the mosaics cover five staggered concrete pylons. (The pylons are now positioned within a bed of gravel.) The interior surfaces are decorated with an abstract representation of the Apostle’s Creed, a Catholic prayer, while their exteriors show a series of scenes from the life of the Virgin and Christ. In contrast to the exterior scenes, which are legible at a distance, the scenes representing the faith-affirming prayer are hidden from view, their interior placement evoking the private struggle of faith. The overall design remains one of the most innovative in the artist’s career. Medellín was able to combine a lifetime of experience creating compelling three-dimensional works with his mastery of the mosaic medium. Medellín was buried at Calvary Hill Cemetery; his grave is located near this work.