Dallas Museum of Fine Arts at Fair Park

3809 Grand Avenue, Dallas, TX 75210

Two of Medellín’s works were included in The Centennial Exhibition of Paintings, Sculpture, and Graphic Arts in 1936 at the newly constructed Dallas Museum of Fine Arts building in Fair Park. It marked the first time the artist exhibited work in Dallas and began a 30-year relationship with the DMFA. Medellín exhibited frequently at the Museum, and in 1942 he was given a solo exhibition, which featured pottery and stone sculptures, along with drawings and paintings from his time in Yucatán. Jerry Bywaters was hired as director of the DMFA and its associated Museum School of Art in 1943. Remembering Medellín from his participation in the Centennial exhibition, Bywaters asked him in 1945 to join the staff of the Museum’s school, where the artist would teach various forms of sculpture for the next 21 years.