Creative Arts Center

2360 Laughlin Dr, Dallas, TX 75228

In 1966 Medellín resigned from the school at the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts and opened the Medellin School of Sculpture at the Creative Arts Center of Dallas. A newly formed public art space in Oak Cliff, the CAC was housed in “El Sibil,” the former studio of the painter Frank Reaugh (1860–1945). Medellín offered classes in wood and stone carving, ceramics, glass, and mosaic. For the first time in his career as an educator, Medellín was able to teach as he saw fit, creating a curriculum that emphasized technical skills and the development of each student’s individual artistic voice. Medellín ran the school until his retirement in 1979, at which point it closed and the CAC left Oak Cliff. Housed in the former Bayles Elementary building since 1990, the CAC continues to be a space where artists teach and mentor in the spirit of Medellín’s own practice.